Volume 29, October 1995

  Responses of Trading Volume and Prices on Private Information Yi-Mien Lin, Taychang Wang, Yann-Ching Tsai
  Evaluating the Efficiency of Nonprofit Medical Funds Hsihui Chang, Jia-Chi Shiau
  Costs of Yield Variability Rajiv D. Banker, Shailesh V. Haribhakti, Parveen Simha
  The Interaction of Accounting and Tax Choices: Empirical Evidence from Corporate Acquisitions Robert Halperin, Ching-Lih Jan
  Multiple Impacts of an Earnings Announcement on Security Returns Conrad C. Chang
  Empirical Evidence on the Relationship among Dividends, Earnings, Investment and Debt-Assets Ratios for the Aggregate Stock Market Hungchih Li
  An Economic Analysis of the Choice between Line-Item Budgeting and Program Budgeting in a Not-for-Profit Setting Shu-hsing Li
  On the Signaling Incentives of Loan Loss Provision Recognized by Banks Shuen-Zen Liu