Volume 42, January 2006

  Effects of the Information Disclosure and Evaluation System on Earnings Management Ruey-Dang Chang, Chun-Ju Fang
  Relationships among Uncertainty, Top Management Pay Gap and Firm Performance: A Tale of Tournament Theory Lee Chia-ling
  Product Variety, Uncertainty and Manufacturing Performance: A Field Empirical Study of A Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Company Sui-Hua Yu
  The Relative Usefulness of Analyst Forecasts and Management Forecasts in Business Valuation: Timing and Sequence of Forecasts Hsin-Yao Cheng, Yi-Fen Tsai
  Evaluating the Mandatory Disclosure Effect of Pro Forma EPS Deducted by Employee Bonus in Taiwan Hung-Shu Fan, Ching-Lung Chen