Volume 56, January 2013

  Investigating Net Purchases Accompanying Unexpected Investment Income of Taiwan's Companies Hsiou-Wei William Lin, Yir-Jung Emily Syu, Cheng-Wen Yu
  Does the Stock Market Fully Appreciate the Value of Innovative Activities? Evidence from the Viewpoints of R&D Efficiency and Insider Trading Shou-Min Tsao, Hsin-Yi Chi, Cheng-Liang Liu
  The Effect of Participative Budgeting Congruence on the Individual Performance and Corporate Performance Yeun-Wen Chang, Ruey-Dang Chang, Ching-Ping Chang, Shao-Chun Wu
  The Relation of Mandatory Set-Up of Independent Director and Supervisor with IPOs Underpricing Chei-Chang Chiou, Yu-Ren Zhang, Li-Hsueh Kuo