Submission Q&A:

Q: When does online submission begin?
A: It will be started in January, 2018.

Q: How to begin online submission?
A: The author must register in our website with all his/her basic contact information. After your account is established with a valid password, you may log in to examine the accuracy of your information and your submitted manuscript. After the log-in, please operate according to the system procedure.

Q: Can the transaction receipt for submission be faxed?
A: No. You must scan your receipt in PDF format then upload online.

Q: Can co-author be included in the registration?
A: No. The system only accepts the main author's contact information. Please key in your info correctly.

Q: What to do if we key in the erroneous info?
A: Please write down your problem and email it to JAR editors. We will respond as soon as possible.

Q: What is the definition for multiple submission?
A: If your manuscript has been accepted by other journal or under peer reviewing, please avoid submitting it again to our journal.

Q: Where is the website for the correct format?
A: Please go to our submission section to download the information and read it carefully.

Q: When can we know that our submitted manuscript has been successfully uploaded?
A: After you key in all the necessary info and managed to upload your manuscript, the system will automatically email you a notification. You will be notified again through email that your manuscript is  officially under peer reviews once the editors confirm your information and your manuscript format.

Q: How to make sure the manuscript file is successfully set as anonymous?
A: Please operate according to the instructions as follows:

1. Please do right click and select content to examine the details.

2. Please select "Remove file attributes and personal information" then select "Remove the following file attributes from this file" in another window.

3. Please select "author" and "last archive" to ensure the anonymity of your file.

If you wish to examine the anonymous state of your PDF file, please operate as follows:

1. Please select “file” from your top left corner then content to ensure your anonymity.

2. If you do not finish setting your file as anonymous, please remove all your personal information in Microsoft Word format before transferring it into the PDF form.

If we fail to answer all your questions, please contact us. Thank you!