1 The Association Among ESG External Assurance、Negative Media Coverage of Social Responsibility and Cost of Debt Capital
Mei-Hui Chen and Yan-Hui Wu
Vol.78 2817 Views 360 Downloads
2 The Value Relevance of Legal Credit Loss and Expected Credit Loss Under IFRS 9 in Financial Industry
Shu-Hua Lee, Pei-Chen Hsieh, An-An Chuang and Yann-Ching Tsai
Vol.78 2393 Views 110 Downloads
3 Revelation between the Lines of CSR Reports: Readability Measure for Traditional Chinese and ESG Score
Yu-Kuo Chiang and Hsiou-Wei Lin
Vol.78 2532 Views 190 Downloads
4 Accounting Comparability and Relative Tax Avoidance: The Roles of Information Environment and Business Strategy
Yi-Hsing Liao, Teng-Sheng Sang and Yu-Shan Chang
Vol.78 2990 Views 109 Downloads
5 The Winner of the Four Prestigious Awards from the American Accounting Association: An Interview with Chair Professor Anne Wu
Chia-Ling Lee
Vol.78 635 Views 71 Downloads
6 The Effects of Bank Loan Contracting on Financial Reporting: Evidence from Taiwan IFRS Reconciliation
Wei-Ren Yao, Chia-Hsuan Tseng and Meng-Chen Sie
Vol.77 290 Views 95 Downloads
7 The Impact of Securitization on Banks’ Mortgage Loan Growth
Chi-Chun Liu, Szu-Jung Wu and Dong-Rui Yang
Vol.77 206 Views 64 Downloads
8 Does the Quality of the Compensation Committee Affect the Relationship Between Core Agency Problems and Pay-performance Sensitivity?
Ya-Chi Chang, Ruey-Dang Chang and Wen-Kai Ko
Vol.77 251 Views 89 Downloads
9 Are the Directors or Supervisors Fat Cats in Zombie Firms? Discuss the Role of the Compensation Committee
Lih-Wen Tsai and Chih-Sheng Hsu
Vol.77 318 Views 106 Downloads
10 Does Industrial Cluster Affect Supplier Firms’ Cost Structure in the Presence of Major Customers?
Chaur-Shiuh Young, Liu-Ching Tsai and Ya-Ching Chu
Vol.76 202 Views 48 Downloads