Journal of Accounting Review  2024/01
Vol.78   165-175

The Winner of the Four Prestigious Awards from the American Accounting Association: An Interview with Chair Professor Anne Wu

Chia-Ling Lee/Department of Accounting, National Chengchi University


Adhering to the beliefs that “knowledge and action should go hand in hand” and that “theory must be put into practice,” National Chengchi University Chair Professor Anne Wu constructed the Integrative Strategic Value Management System (iSVMS) and Activity Value Management (AVM). To this present day, she has published 75 research papers in Chinese and English academic journals, 185 practical articles, 7 books, and 8 teaching cases. She is also the owner of 6 trademarks and patents along with 11 information technology (IT) products. Furthermore, she has also served as an editorial-board member for 7 issues of international periodicals. Many of her papers have been published in top international journals such as The Accounting Review (TAR), Strategic Management Journal (SMJ), and Information Systems Research (ISR). Her research results have been very fruitful.

Professor Wu’s academic research results have had far-reaching impacts on the development of management accounting and have made significant contributions to the practical field. In this regard, she has won four great awards from the American Accounting Association (AAA): the 50th “Outstanding Accounting Educator Award” in the field of accounting, the 20th “Lifetime Contribution to Management Accounting Award” in the field of management accounting, the 32nd “Outstanding International Accounting Educator Award” in the field of international accounting, as well as winning 2023 “Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature Award”. Most commendable of all, Professor Wu has become the only scholar in the world to have won all four of these honors, exhibiting the fruits of her hard work over 37 years. Ranked among the top 100 scholars, how did this management accounting elite enter the highest realm of management accounting?


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